The future of flounder fishing begins here...

"This year (2013) marks the 5th year of the Flounder Revolution (R) project. It has been amazing to see how it has impacted flounder fisheries and conservation and inspired so many to see the true sporting qualities of this great fish. In addition to our March-Nov. replica program and Angler of the Year race we have special things set in motion. Thanks to everyone for your support. Expect great things for the fishery and for your life."

God bless,

Chester Moore
Founder: Flounder Revolution (R)
Flatfish University (TM)


Replica Winners 2013

March: Kevin Keith Burns
April: No qualifying entries
May: Steven Havard
June: Jantzen Miller
July: Jantzen Miller
August: Mike Bishop
September: No Entries
October: Wayne Pedigo
November: Jantzen Miller

NOTE: Only entries sent per instructions on this site to cmooreoutdoors@gmail and accompanied by our written declaration will be accepted in 2013. We have let entries without this slide in the past but we are getting too many now so we have to go strictly by the rules. Photos posted to my FB or sent via text message do not qualify. Please send to the proper email with accompanying info found on the replica program page of this site. Thank you!

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