The future of flounder fishing begins here...

Flatfish University

Upcoming Courses

All courses in 2013 (and since we started) sold out. There will be no more courses this year. We plan on returning in spring 2013 and will update here once we have something on the books.

Our Vision

Created to go beyond seminars and clinics and into a truly unique realm of learning Flatfish University (TM) is the result of more than 15 years of intensive study on flounder and flounder fishing and a desire to teach people a complete approach to pursuing these amazing fish as well as contributing to their conservation.

"These are going to be fun, super informative, intensive training sessions on flounder that will be like nothing that has ever been done on the species. The motto of Flounder Revolution (R)  is 'The future of flounder fishing begins here' and this is the vehicle by which it will take place," said founder Chester Moore.


"Several times a year there will be opportunities in various areas to attend a Flatfish University day and not all will be the same. There will be a basic introductory course, advanced levels and specific courses for specific areas. For someone who wants to REALLY learn about flounder, this is their opportunity. I promise their flounder fishing will never be the same."

Each course will feature a section on conservation and teach anglers how to contribute flounder to Texas' hatcheries for much needed broodstock and proper technique for photo, catch and release.
"If we're going to have a future for flounder anglers need to see what an amazing species they are and be able to view them as something other than an eating fish. We have really help turn people on to catch and release of the big flounder and will now arm them with the knowledge they need to contribute directly to conservation by donating live fish to hatcheries. This is exciting stuff," Moore said.
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